2017 Meeting Dates (Subject to Change)

  January 28 February 25 March 25
  April 22 May 27 June 24
  July 22 August 26 September 23
  October 28 Nov 11 - Dinner Meeting December 9 - Christmas Party


IXE meets once a month. Admission is $5 per person. (They frown if we don't pay our rent). 1st time visitors are free. It is also a pitch-in, so if you are able to come, please bring a dish to share. There is a place on premises to change if you wish. But you can come in drab if you would feel more comfortable. The building opens at 6 pm. All changes of meeting dates, locations and times are noted in the newsletter. If you have moans or groans, praise, inquires or if you would like information on how to join our little band (and get the newsletter!!), you can contact us by e-mail.



Revised: 1/24/16