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Our creditors are at the door, our churches and cathedrals need immediate maintenance, our missionaries are crying for more support, and our donations are down down down! Let our troubles be your golden opportunity. Now for a limited time only the Vatican is granting indulgences for the remission of temporal punishment for the sins of cross dressing for a small financial sacrifice of penance. Buy one for yourself, buy one for a friend, buy one for a relative! They make great gifts. You can also feel good that you are supporting your own community since 50 percent of your penance will stay right in your own diocese.

$100.00 - closeted CD $500.00 - Public CD

$1000.00 - Full time CD $5000.00 - Post op TS

Hurry - this is a limited time offer

(non Roman Catholics - please add 15%)

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Revised: 11/07/10