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The Pits

Recently there came out of the scientific press, the breakthrough of the century. They found the cause of the odor or should we say stench, that comes from the sweaty and unwashed body. Its 3- methyl-2-hexenoic acid. I am just sure you're tickled pink to know that bit of information. What's more they know what forms the stuff. Its a little critter called lipophilic diphtheroids.

The article went on to say how body odor starts with secretions from the apoctine gland and how two types of skin bacteria that live there feast on the secretions. They then in turn give out several dozen compounds where 3 -methyl-2 hexenoic acid is one.

Now you're all wondering just what the devil this has to do with you, right? Well I'm going to tell ye. It seems that 90% of all men have this bacteria in their arm pits, but only about 67% of the women do. "So what?", you say. Well think about it. Most women shave their underarms. This means that there is less surface area for bacteria to grow on. The less bacteria, the less 3-methyl and so forth acid. The less acid, the less odor. Therefore (men listen up) maybe its more hygienic to shave your underarms. It does look better not having long drippy strands of black hair hanging out from under your sleeveless top.

Ok that takes care of the guys, but what about the 33 % of the women that do have the bacteria? Well remember I said that most women shave their underarms.

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Revised: 11/07/10