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When we first printed this article, this particular procedure had not yet been done. But now...? Who knows!!

-New Alternative to Electrolysis

After a few sessions with on electrolgist, many people begin to wonder if there isn't a quicker and easier way to permanently remove unwanted facial hair. New techniques developed by cosmetic surgeons may provide an alternative method,

The procedure was first used as a part of reconstructive surgery for people born with severe facial defects and victims of burns and other accidents. It is now being tested for use as elective cosmetic surgery. Simply stated, the process is a face transplant -- the individual's dermal and epidermal layers are removed and replaced with those from a donor. Model Laurel Meadows was able to resume her career with the help of a face transplant after a freak explosion permanently changed her skin.

As with other types of transplant surgery, the donor and recipient must be closely matched for blood type. Most face donors are young people who have met a premature death and whose families have granted permission for their body to be used to restore life to another. If you carry an organ donor card, make sure to make a special notation for a face donor.

Because an individuals appearance is determined by bone structure, face transplants will not alter ones appearance. People in the gender community should note that face transplants are only appropriate for post-op transsexuals as testosterone will stimulate the growth of hair on even a female face. Transsexuals will be pleased to learn that a face transplant will restore a receding hairline as the incisions are hidden in the scalp. There are only a couple of surgical teams in the world now using this procedure, but as it becomes better known, it should be available in several hospitals around the country.



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Revised: 11/07/10