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Arkansas or Bust

API- Little Rock AR- In a wave of radical conservatism the Arkansas legislature has passed a law which female sex change surgery is mandatory for men convicted of cross dressing. The new law, which was attached to the end of a bill dealing with intoxicated drivers, will place first offenders on probation. After a second offense the individual will be sentenced to a mandatory sex change in a state hospital. Special interest groups are getting ready to battle each other over the passing of this new law.

Gender Farce Come True

Following an idea that was recently parodied in the IXE Newsletter about mandatory sex changes in the state of Arkansas, the U.S. Senate today passed SB 15943 with a bipartisan vote of 78 to 15. The proposed law, which is expected to pass in the House, would require any male found in public dressed in female attire, to under go extensive counseling for a period of not less than 6 months. Second time offenders would, like the Arkansas farce, have to undergo a sex change operation or face a minimum of 5 years in a psychiatric hospital. Said the bill's sponsor, Jesse Helms of North Carolina, "It's time we treat these perverts like the criminals they are! We've got to get them off our streets before the children of this nation come to harm." Washingtonian Post



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Revised: 11/07/10