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Squire Button, Frostbite Falls Pickyune

A new style of clothing has finally hit the CD community years after it was made popular by many of the New York fashion houses. Men's clothing has become all the rage for CD's in most of the major U.S. and Canadian cities. After talking to some of the style setters from all four points we have found that the trend is by no means locked into one simple pattern. Friends from Toronto say skirts are out and permanent press trousers are in. Some NewYorkers told me that all the avant garde into sport coats and black Florsheim shoes. Our girls in Texas have gone to straight Levies and cowboy hats without feather headbands. Stores in Southern California have been mobbed every time the word gets out that some Johnny Carson suits are still in stock. The word is that out friends in Seattle are just desperate for camouflage fatigues. In the Mid West the girls just cannot get enough polo shirts and rugby jerseys.

Outer clothing is not the only new face we are showing the world. Our ladies in Orlando have been at the front of a revolution to give the boot to Bali, and make Fruit of the Loom the only acceptable lingerie. Panties are out - boxers are in! Stockings are gone - blue knee length socks are it!

Accessories have also made a major shift. The girls of Atlanta have dumped their hand bags for executive style briefcases. Fat gold nugget jewelry has become the uniform item of some of the CD groups in Chicago.

The movement to men's clothing has not been as smooth as some would hope. A number of cases of divorce have been reported because the CD husband has been spending money like mad on new men's wardrobes. An unnamed group in the southern U.S. has lynched one of their own members by her own tie when she arrived at a meeting in a Navy Blue blazer. The group's president said, "We know how to take care of them there perverts down here! " The "Church of Our Lady in Skirts" has been formed in Vancouver BC. with the goal to save their sisters to the south. Organizations in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have been forming to combat what they conceive to be no less then gender heresy growing in North America. While they espouse the only proper clothing for the CD is the; traditional Femm fashions, a highly reliable source has informed me that more and more flats and sensible wool skirts suits are being seen on members of the New Zealand CD community.

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Revised: 11/07/10